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Weekly News 14/09-20/09

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-(BusinessInsider 20/09) China is continuing to militarize the South China Sea despite promising to stop: The continuation of construction and dredging on the islands, despite China’s promises to stop, will likely cast a cloud over Chinese President Xi Jinping’s state visit later this month

-(Wantchinatimes 20/09) US preparing for potential conflict in South China Sea: Ashton Carter, said Washington was already moving ahead to prepare for a potential conflict with China in the disputed South China Sea region.

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Weekly News 07/09-13/09

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-(NewsWeek 13/09) What Will The Obama-Xi Summit Achieve? …The U.S will not get agreement by China to stop pushing forward on claims in the South China Sea…China claims that is not the business of the United States.

-(Bostonherald 12/09) China Just Sent a Message to America: Don’t Mess With Us: Despite talk of peace, Beijing was sending a message to the region and to the world, especially the United States that China has awoken from its security slumber and is a giant not to be messed with.

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Weekly News 31/08 - 06/09

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-(AsianReview 06/09)  US warships might make a pass by China's man-made islets, The government is leaning that way in the wake of Chinese navy vessels' recent passage through U.S. territorial waters off Alaska.

-(Inquirer 06/09) DND urges China to practice ‘commitment to peace’: “We call on China’s government to show its sincerity by, at the least, stopping all ongoing construction and militarization activities and to refrain from restricting freedom of flight and navigation in the West Philippine Sea,” said Peter Paul Galvez.

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Weekly News 24/08-30/08

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-(Manilatimes 31/08) Taiwan and its South China Sea Peace Initiative strongly believe only its scenario creates benefits to all parties.

-(SMH 31/08) China ready to launch military power from artificial islands in South China Sea: By 2017, military analysts expect China will have equipped its new sand islands that will enable it to project military and paramilitary power.

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Weekly News 17/8-23/8

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 -(WSJ 24/08) New U.S. Security Strategy Doesn’t Go Far Enough on South China Sea: It represents progress, but much work remains to defend U.S. interests and the global system, and thereby shore up its Asia-Pacific legacy.

-(USA Today 23/08) U.S. adds muscle, seeks friends in South China Sea standoff: They help participating Southeast Asian navies exercise and prepare for real-world scenarios.

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Weekly News 10/8-16/8

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-(Lowy interpreter 12/8) Dredging fleet shores up Beijing’s position in South China Sea and beyond: China has effectively run away with the game, reclaiming nearly 3000 acres over the last 18 months.

-(Philstar 12/8) Philippines satisfied on mention of China reclamation in ASEAN communiqué: The ASEAN foreign ministers included the matter in their joint communiqué despite an attempt by Cambodia to block it.

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Weekly News 03/08-09/08

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-(ValueWalk 09/08) Here’s The Latest On The South China Sea Issue: U.S. Calls For ‘Three Halts’

-(Nationamultimedia 09/08) Dual-track approach good in South China Sea: China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi once again stressed using a dual-track approach to resolve the South China Sea disputes.

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Weekly News 27/07-02/08

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-(Anadolu Agency 01/08) Philippines claims can defend itself in South China Sea, said  a high-ranking official in the Philippines armed forces.

-(WorldBulettin 01/08) China is building a new South China Sea fleet: It appears that China is building a state-owned fishing fleet for its maritime militia force in the South China Sea.

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Weekly News 20/7-26/7

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-(Value Walk 26/07) China Doesn’t Like Us’ Comments On South China Sea Case: The “neutrality” of the U.S. in the South China Sea only amounts to “lip service”.

-(Reuter 26/07) Chinese navy plays down South China Sea exercises. -(Atimes 26/07) China: don’t Read Too Much Into South China Sea Drill, Says Beijing: The navy will continue to hold similar drills in the future.

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Weekly News 13/7-19/7

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-(Japantimes 19/07) Taiwan promotes its island claim in South China Sea: Taiwan is improving environmental condition on the sea’s largest natural islet to seek international approval for easing tension.

-(WSJ 19/07) Philippine Military Upgrade Stalls: Delay for $1 billion in defense deals leaves planned overhaul years from completion.

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