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Weekly News 24 - 31 January

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- (MOFA Vietnam 26/1) Viet Nam asks China to remove wrongful data in its SBSM map service

- (Manila Bulletin 29/1) The joint US-China commitment: plus or minus for Philippines? - The above summary comes from the Joint US-China Statement at the conclusion of President Hu Jintao’s State Visit to the US last January 20. So – how did the encounter between these two global giants really turn out?

- (ZeeNews 29/1) China gives glimpses of its 1st aircraft carrier - People's Daily, the official organ of the ruling Communist Party of China, carried a brief video showing the ship undergoing sea trials.

- (Brudirect 29/1) Brunei's Peace Efforts In Asean Lauded - it [Brunei] could play a role in peacekeeping efforts, that is, "to be more active in the deliberations with other countries in the South China Sea to seek the best ways to transform the conflict potential in the South China Sea into a potential for cooperation among them.",  the Indonesia Ambassador to Brunei Handriyo Kusumo Priyo said.

- (Jamestown Foundation 28/1) The Snow Dragon Moves into the Arctic Ocean Basin - In a warming and changing Arctic, China is stepping up its activities in the Arctic Ocean Basin. While China’s interests and policy objectives in the Arctic Ocean Basin remain unclear, Beijing is increasingly active and vocal on the international stage on issues that concern the region

- (The Manila Times 28/1) US enters Spratlys standoff - Kurt Campbell, assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, said that the US government believes that it is important for the Philippines to “develop confidence level” in maritime issues, especially those pertaining to territorial claims over the Spratlys.

- (The Canadian Press 28/1) Facing more assertive China, US and Japan push back in Pacific power tussle

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Weekly News 17 - 24 January

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- (PhilStar 21/1) The South China Sea disputes - In his new book, Where in the world is the Philippines?, former Philippine foreign undersecretary Rod Severino lays out the case for urgent action by the Philippine government on matters relating to the national territory and the rising global concerns about territorial questions in our part of the world.

- (Eurasia Review 20/1) China’s Maritime Ambitions: Implications for Regional Security

- (Carnegie Endownment 19/1) China’s Military Muscle - Michael Swaine analyzes China’s military buildup and its strategic implications. Swaine says that there is serious danger that China and the United States are moving toward strategic rivalry

- ((Foreign Policy 18/1) Stephen Walt, What Obama Should NOT say t o Hu Jintao - this article was writen after his visit to Vietnam

- (MSN News 18/1) Strengthen ties with Asian allies to counter China: think tank - The Obama Administration should strengthen US'' ties with its Asian allies to counter- balance the increasing belligerence of China through measures like increasing arms sale to India, Japan and Taiwan, an eminent Washington-based think tank has said.

- (The Manila Times 18/1) South China Sea code of conduct pushed - Nine years have passed since the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) and China agreed to develop a code of conduct and the time had come for talks to produce results, Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa said.

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Weekly News 10 - 17 January

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- (CSIS 11/1) Ernest Z. Bower, Hu Jintao’s Visit and the South China Sea: “Whose/Hu’s Core Interests?”

- (GMA News 14/1) Veteran diplomat asks: Where in the world is the Philippines? - Severino’s book shows that despite several revisions and laws related to territory, the most basic question on the area of Philippine jurisdiction remains ambiguous. As a result, Severino said, “Philippine law-enforcement agencies have not been sure of what to allow and what to prohibit where, particularly by way of sea passage, overflight, fishing activities, and environmental protection."; (GMA News 11/1) Ramos, key diplomats urge Aquino to address Spratlys issue - The calls were made on Monday at the launching of the book of former Foreign Affairs Undersecretary Rodolfo Severino Jr. titled: “Where in the World is the Philippines?"

- (Christian Science Monitor 13/1) South Korea and Japan sail into territorial dispute

- (Jakarta Globe 13/1) Building an East Asia Summit That Doesn’t Leave Asean by the Wayside

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Weekly News 3 - 10 January

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-(Los Angles Times 7/1) China's development of stealth fighter takes U.S. by surprise - The emergence of what is said to be a prototype jet, along with news of advances on an anti-ship missile, raises concerns about China's military intentions and the threat it poses to the U.S. in the Pacific

-(Xinhua 6/1) China adds patrol ships to safeguard maritime interests

-(The Jakarta Post 6/1) Foreign policy Indonesia outlines post-2015 agenda for ASEAN - While trying to lead ASEAN to achieve its goal of becoming a community by 2015, Indonesia highlighted its agenda for the 10-member group in the post-2015 period as Southeast Asia’s largest economy chairs the group this year.

-(Daily Yomiuri Online 6/1) New ties set with India, U.S. / Govt entering 3-way partnership to tackle security, economic issues - Japan, India and the United States will launch a trilateral strategic dialogue this year on security and economic issues, including measures to deal with China's expansion of its naval power, sources said.

-(Bloomberg 5/1) JX, PetroVietnam Discover Natural Gas, Condensate in Vietnam Test-Drilling

-(Politics Daily 5/1) Pentagon Surprised, Concerned as China Debuts High-Tech Weapons - A senior U.S. intelligence official acknowledged

-(CapitalVue 4/1) China Discovers Huge Combustible Ice Reserves In South China Sea

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Weekly News 27 December - 3 January

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-(Asahi Shimbun 31/12) China's scenario to seize isles in South China Sea - Its military has drawn up an internal tactical plan to seize control of islands in the South China Sea that are now under the effective control of other nations, sources said.

-(International Business Times 30/12) China's new missile won't block U.S., admiral says - China's new anti-ship "aircraft carrier killer" missile has achieved "initial operational capability," but that won't affect the United States military's operations in the commercially vital South China Sea, a top U.S. military commander said.

-(Beijing Review 30/12) 2010 in Retrospect: Sino-U.S. Relations

-(VOA 30/12) China Calls for US to Play 'Constructive' Role in Asia

-(Today Online 29/12) Asia's unstable rise will get tougher in 2011 - Many herald Asia's rise in the wake of the financial crisis. Compared to the United States and Europe, prospects in the region do look good. Events both recent and over the year, however, warn us not to assume the phenomenon is irresistible. While rising, the region is exposed to continuing sources of instability.

-(Deccan Herald 29/12) Regional conflicts on cards, but we are prepared: China - As tension simmers in the Korean peninsula, China has said a regional conflict cannot be ruled out, but its armed forces comprising 2.3 million personnel are ''better prepared'' to deal with any eventuality.; (The Diplomat 28/12) China's Military Surprises - In a year in which the region’s news was frequently dominated by questions over whether China had abandoned the path of a ‘peaceful’ rise, it was perhaps inevitable that 2010 would be rounded out with a few bits of news that underscore China’s growing military prowess.

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Weekly News 20 - 27 December

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-(Beijing Review 24/12) Stick to the Path of Peaceful Development - By Dai Bingguo, the author is a state councilor of China

-(News.Scotsman 23/12) China replaces leading diplomat - Vice foreign minister Zhang Zhijun took over as the ministry's Communist Party secretary, putting him in line to take over from foreign minister Yang Jiechi.

-(China Daily 22/12) Drilling deep for energy - "The South China and East China seas are two potential areas for offshore oil exploration and they will play big roles in the country's energy supplies and security," said Zhou Dadi, former president of the energy research institute of the National Development and Reform Commission.

-(Xinhua 23/12) China, ASEAN agree to follow South China Sea declaration; (Manila Times 23/12) China hopes for stability in Spratlys - THE Chinese government will take “all necessary measures” to enhance security and stability on the disputed Spratly Islands, the Chinese ambassador to the Philippines said on Wednesday, adding that the issue must be settled bilaterally without a third party involved.; (Xinhua 21/12) China seriously follows South China Sea declaration: spokesperson

-(The Dong-A Ilbo 23/12) What does China want?

-(Manila Bulletin 21/12) China and regional security

-(Defense Update 20/12) 2011 Flashpoints: Asia - "String of Pearls" is Securing China's Sea Lanes

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Weekly News 13 - 20 December

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-(Australian Strategic Policy Institute 16/12) Carl Ungerer, Ian Storey and Sam Bateman, Making mischief: The return of the South China Sea dispute - This report examines the rising tensions in the South China Sea that are creating a difficult set of questions for Australian strategic policy. In order to examine the origins and implications of this conflict, the paper provides an analysis of the complex political/military and international legal issues that make up the South China Sea dispute

-(NBR Analysis 12/2010) Sino-U.S. Competition and U.S. Security: How Do We Assess the Military Balance? - For the U.S., the most important characteristics of the rivalry are those that impinge on Washington’s ability to defend its interests in the world’s most important region. 

-(PhilStar 19/12) Wrong reasons for 'boycott'; South China conflict

-(RTT News 18/12)Chinese Fisherman Killed In Clash With South Korean Coast Guard

-(Asahi Shimbun18/12) Defense strategy says China's rise is a 'concern' - A new 10-year defense plan approved by the Cabinet on Friday describes China's burgeoning military power as a "matter of concern" for other countries in East Asia, and calls for more mobile and flexible Self-Defense Forces to respond to the new threats facing Japan; (The Japan Times 18/12) More muscular China made change necessary

-(The Diplomat 17/12) China’s Welcome Backtracking?

-(Financial Times 17/12) Carriers back China’s global reach - One of the first lessons Chinese military officers learn is the need for secrecy. Only through stealth, the officers believe, can they exploit enemy weaknesses. But the clandestine behaviour demanded by military doctrine is at odds with China’s broader political ambitions – to become a great power. It is this dilemma that explains Beijing’s attempt to announce its aircraft carrier programme in a way that nobody will notice

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Weekly News 6 - 13 December

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-( RSIS ) Yang Fang:  China's Position on the South China Sea: Problems and Progress - China’s South China Sea policy is not clear enough and has always been criticised by regional countries. While it may not change its South China Sea policy fundamentally, China seems to be  lately adopting a more open-minded approach.

-(Asahi Shimbun 10/12) China envoy: Talk to North yourself - An Interview with China's ambassador to Japan, Cheng Yonghua on Korean Peninsula and Sino - Japan relations

-(Financial Times 9/12)A risen China reaches for power - China is in unapologetic mood. Not so long ago Beijing routinely protested its anxiety not to disturb the established international order. But a rising China has now become a risen China. Past inhibitions are being shed. Beijing looks as if it is formulating an east Asian version of America’s Monroe doctrine.

-(Bloomberg 8/12) China Isn't Seeking to Replace U.S. as World Superpower, Dai Says in Essay

-(Eurasia Review 8/12) Is China’s Strategic Aggression Ill-Timed? - To understand Chinese strategic ambiguity, it is essential to dissect several recent events.

-(Inquirer 8/12) Nothing new about Spratlys lighthouse; (GMA News 9/12) Palace not keen on filing diplomatic protest over Spratlys issue

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Weekly News 29 November - 6 December

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-(Jakarta Globe 2/12) Asean Navigating Rough Waters in Sino-American Standoff Over Seas - Three main factors are responsible for rising tensions in the area: Increasing friction over access to fishing and potential energy resources as a result of overlapping Exclusive Economic Zones, rapid modernization of the People’s Liberation Army Navy and most importantly, the equivocal nature of Chinese claims and actions.

-(The Economist 2/12) The dangers of a rising China - China and America are bound to be rivals, but they do not have to be antagonists

-(Foreign Policy 12/2010) The End of the 'Peaceful Rise'? - Even China's elites don't know where it's headed.

-(Yale Global Online ) Can China Afford to Confront the World? - Part II - Questioning intentions for the South China Sea, ASEAN manages China’s new assertivenes; Can China Afford to Confront the World? – Part I - Riding the wave of economic success, China thinks it can stand up to the US

-(Daily News & Analysis 30/11) China’s proxies, Pak and N Korea, are bamboozling US

-(Reuters 30/11) Japan ruling party calls for weapon export ban easing; (The Korea Herald 28/11) Boost Japan’s ability to guard territorial waters


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Weekly News 22 - 29 November

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-(The Australian 27/11) China learns to deploy its soft power- far from being the new master of the universe, China is misunderstood by other nations and misunderstands them. It is burdened by nationalism, and needs space and time to develop into a team player - Wang Yuzhu, a top international affairs expert in Beijing.

-(Ground Report 27/11) Global War in the China Sea - Regular wars are about land and resources; world wars are fought over the sea; (TheStar 27/11) Wars and rumours of wars - NORTH Korea's deadly artillery strike on South Korea's Yeonpyeong island earlier this week is a reminder that there are still forces in the world that could throw up an unpredictable risk to the global economic recovery.

-(CNN 26/11) Islands, crabs and skirmishes: the Koreas' maritime mishaps - Across the seas and oceans of Asia, islands and the waters around them are frequently a source of dispute and even military confrontation

-(The Jarkata Post 25/11) China ‘softens’ S. China Sea stance - ASEAN and China will meet in Kunming, China, next month to discuss code of conduct on maritime security cooperation, a move that experts say shows softer diplomacy by China.

-(RiaNovosti 25/11) Left at the Crossroads: Asian ambiguities and the new Great Game - China is no more the gentle giant. The sweet mandarin warble of “mulin, anlin, fulin” -which could be translated as “be friendly, make them feel secure and help make them rich”- has been replaced by the bellicose growling of a regional bully.

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