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Weekly News 20 – 27/6

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- (AFP/Sinchew 24/6Philippines seeks US arms amid China tension: The Philippines said Thursday it hoped to lease naval equipment from the United States, calling for a "reset" in the two nations' alliance in the face of rising friction at sea with China.

 - (Financial Times 24/6) US backs Philippines in South China Sea: Hillary Clinton, US secretary of state, on has pledged to support the Philippines amid growing tensions between China and its neighbours in disputed areas of the South China Sea.

- (Policy Review June 1)  Countering Beijing in the South China Sea by Dana Dillon: Why the U.S. must not let China’s territorial ambitions go unopposed.

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Weekly News 12 - 19 June

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- Conference on Maritime Security in the South China Sea (CSIS, Washington DC.): Agenda


+China and the South China Sea: Time for  Code of Conduct by Aileen S.P. Baviera

+China's Fishing Ban in the South China Sea: Implications for Territorial Disputes by Nguyen Dang Thang


- (The Jamestown Foundation 17/6) Taiwan Pivots in the South China Sea by Russell Hsiao

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Weekly News 6 - 13 June

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-(Vietnam MOFA) Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Nguyen Phuong Nga at the Press Conference June 9th 2011.

-(Bloomberg 9/6) Vietnam Says Chinese Boat Harassed PetroVietnam Survey Ship; -(Reuters 9/6) China accuses Vietnam in escalating sea tensions

-(New York Times 9/6) China: Neighbors Warned on Disputed Island Chain. Chinese ambassador to the Philippines, Liu Jianchao, said in Manila

- (WSJ 9/6) Tensions Flare in South China Sea

- (Economist 9/6) Not littorally Shangri-La The South China Sea becomes a zone of eternal dispute

-(BusinessWorld 9/6) Manila, Beijing up ante in word war over disputed islands  

- Philippines Secretary of Foreign Affairs, A RULES-BASED REGIME IN THE SOUTH CHINA SEA

- (RSIS 9/6) Nguyen Dang Thang, China’s Fishing Ban in the South China Sea: Implications for Territorial Disputes

- (New Yourk Times 7/6) China's Troubled Neighbors - In any case, China’s emergence has upset the status quo. Beijing’s actions, be they conciliatory or aggressive, will set the tone for the future, and hence the relationships between the United States and the other nations of the region.

-(The Diplomat), Duong Danh Huy, China’s U-Shaped Claims; (The Manila Times) The Philippines and Vietnam at the crossroad .

- (Reuters 8/6) China scolds Philippines over disputed waters

- (Foreign Policy 7/6) Crowded Waters - The superpower battle for regional supremacy in the South China Sea is heating up once again. 

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Weekly News 30 May - 6 June

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Shangri-La Dialogue 2011:

-Keynote Address- Prime Minister of Malyasia Abdul Razak: need code of conduct between ASEAN and China.

- Speech by General Phung Quang Thanh: Vietnam exercised patience in May incident when cable cut in S.China Sea, hopes won't be repeated; need code of conduct between ASEAN and China.

- Summary of fifth session on "Responding to New Maritime Security Threats": Navigating maritime disputes in Southeast Asia

- Financial Times (4/6) US warns over tension in South China Sea: Robert Gates, US defence secretary, on Saturday warned that there were increasing concerns about recent Chinese provocations in the South China Sea and other disputed waters in Asia.

- CNN (4/6) Robert Gates warns of possible clashes in the South China Sea: "Without rules of the road, without agreed approaches to deal with these problems, then there will be clashes. I think that serves nobody's interest," 

- (Bloomberg 4/6): China Reassures Its Neighbors After Clashes Over Claims in South China Sea. “China is committed to maintaining peace and stability in the South China Sea,” Minister Liang Guanglie toldl; What to Watch for At the Upcoming Shangri-La Dialogue

- (Inquirer 4/6) Philippines accuses China of ‘serious violations’ in South China Sea

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Weekly News 23 - 30 May

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- (Reuters 27/5) UPDATE 1-Vietnam says Chinese boats harassed oil exploration ship; (AP 27/5) Vietnam accuses China of threatening boat researching oil-drilling sites in South China Sea; (Forbes 27/5) Vietnam accuses China of violating sovereignty; (Upstream 27/5) Chinese boats 'harass' Vietnam oil ship; (Financial Times 27/5) Vietnam and China oil clashes intensify - “China is brazenly asserting its sovereignty by such actions and it has the preponderance of vessels to enforce this,”, Carl Thayer, an expert on the South China Sea at the Australian Defence Force Academy in Canberra

- (Platts 26/5) CNOOC offers 19 offshore South China Sea blocks for joint exploration - 12 blocks in the east area of South China Sea, and seven blocks in the west area of the South China Sea, according to the notice published on Tuesday.

- (East Asia Forum 25/5) Taiwan on the fence as South China Sea tensions mount - Taiwan’s South China Sea policy is a balancing act, seeking to protect its interests there while continuing to avoid antagonizing China or the United States and its allies

- (Xinhua 25/5) China discusses South China Sea issue with Indonesia, Philippines during Defense Minister's visit

- (Inquirer 25/5) Aquino warns of arms race - President Benigno Aquino III has warned Chinese Defense Minister Liang Gianglie

- (PhilStar 26/5) The Spratly issue

- (CriEnglish 26/5) China Establishes Cyber PLA - China's Defense Ministry has now revealed that the PLA has established a "cyber blue team" to better safeguard the Internet security of the armed forces.

- (ABS-CBN 25/5) FVR pushes for 'hard bargaining' with China - Former President Fidel V. Ramos warned yesterday against raising tensions in the South China Sea and urged President Aquino to be more consistent in his dealings with China and the United States.

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Weekly News 16 - 23 May

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- (Jakarta Post 21/5) China offers ASEAN joint effort to counter piracy

- (Jakarta Post 20/5) Defense chiefs push for South China Sea rules - “This is the first time the South China Sea issue has been raised by the defense ministries. It was previously considered a sensitive issue and was avoided,” Col. Jan Pieter Ate, a special assistant to the Indonesian Defense Minister, said after the meeting;  China plays down severity of South China Sea issues

- (AFP/Asiaone 19/5) Vietnam says sailors shot in South China Sea - Relatives of the sailors told police that the shooters wore uniforms of the Philippines but a military spokesman in Manila said there were no reports of incidents in the Spratlys.

- (Inquirer 20/5) Chinese jets intruded into PH space–AFP - The Armed Forces on Thursday said it was validating reports that Chinese jet fighters had entered the country’s airspace around the disputed Spratly chain near Palawan

- (Breitbart 18/5) Chair amends ASEAN Summit's S. China Sea statement at Vietnam behest+

- (The Diplomat 18/5) Welcome to the ASEAN VillageCarden is faced with a lingering issue that threatens long-term peace and stability in Southeast Asia, and means resolution of the South China Sea dispute is going to have to be one of his main diplomatic objectives; Putting Eyes on China’s Carrier

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Weekly News 9 - 16 May

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- (RSIS Commentary 75/2011) Robert Beckman, Islands or Rocks? Evolving Dispute in South China Sea

- (Straits Times 12/5) Hanoi rebuffs China comments on island vote - "The holding of elections in the Spratlys is the internal affair of Vietnam," and they have been conducted for many years, foreign ministry spokeswoman Nguyen Phuong Nga told reporters.

- (China Daily 12/5) Nations find way to cool Asia-Pacific issues - Beijing reaffirmed its commitment to the road of peaceful development and said it will not challenge US interests, according to Dai.

- (Journal Online 11/5) US bats for SCS Code of Conduct - United States Ambassador to Manila Harry Thomas Jr.

- (FreedomWar 11/5) Philippine military accuses China in sea spat

- (Jakarta Post 11/5) US to focus on East Asia now that Bin Laden is gone - Ernest Bower said

- (MOFA of ROC - Taiwan 10/5) MOFA remains firm on sovereignty over South China Sea islands

- (Manila Bulletin 10/5) FVR to PNoy: Confront US, China issues - Address issues related to the country’s relationship with the United States and China, particularly on mutual benefits from trade and investments, tourism, technology exchange, and the dispute over the Spratly Islands.

- (PhilStar 10/5) Noy holds meetings with ASEAN leaders on summit sidelines - Two leaders of Vietnam and Philippines discussed how each country could contribute to easing tensions in the area.

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Weekly News 2 - 9 May

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- (United Nations) Vietnam's Response to the Notes of Philippine and China

- (Foreign Policy 6/5) China’s America Obsession - Why Osama bin Laden's death is making Chinese leaders nervous.

- (Global Times 5/5) We want a carrier: GT poll - More than 70 percent of respondents in a Global Times survey supported the idea of the country developing its own aircraft carrier

- (Jakarta Post 5/5) ASEAN Summit security session to focus on community blueprint - The South China Sea would be discussed; Border disputes, Myanmar may eclipse ASEAN’s progress

- (Radio Australia 5/5) China takes long view South China Sea resources - An oil and gas analyst says he doesn't believe China is in any hurry to make its claim for the rich oil and gas resources of the South China Sea.

- (Focus Taiwan 5/5) Taiwan denies plan to hold anti-terror meet in South China Sea

- (Inquirer 4/5) Aquino to raise Spratlys issue in ASEAN Summit - The Department of Foreign Affairs said.

- (SunStar 4/5) US military presence will keep China in check: senatorm

- (Maritime Security Asia 4/5) Navy to practise combat situations - Navy frigates are to come under simulated attack in the South China Sea over the next two weeks as part of an exercise to strengthen security arrangements.

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Weekly News 25 April - 2 May

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- (Jakarta Post 28/4) Discourse: China’s progress contributes to prosperity, opens opportunity for ASEAN - A rare interview between The Jakarta Post’s Abdul Khalik and Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao on the South China Sea issue

- (Malaya 28/4) With Japan sidelined, US sees PH as filling security vacuum - The source said the US "policy on re-engagement in the Philippines" involves stepped-up efforts with the on-going modernization of the Armed Forces of the Philippines

- (Japan Times 28/4) Beijing's troubling South China Sea policy - China's evolving energy security strategy could further complicate its relations with Southeast Asia, and with countries like Japan, the United States and South Korea that regard the South China Sea

- (Asea Sentinel 27/4) Limits of Chinese Power in Southeast Asia - The recent backlash in the South China Sea is likely to make Beijing more cautious. China's still limited military capacity provides an important explanation, since, particularly in the maritime access and security arena, the presence of the United States still serves as a significant deterrent.

- (Global Times 27/4) Premier Wen leaves for Indonesia and Malaysia - "The countries concerned should and can carry out joint development in the South China Sea. This is in the interest of peace and stability in the South China Sea. It also serves the interests of the countries concerned and all relevant parties," Wen said.

- (Channel News Asia 27/4) Engage China on rifts, says Indonesian leader - China needs to be brought into regional dialogue to ensure a peaceful resolution to tensions over the South China Sea, Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said.

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Weekly News 18 - 25 April

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- (United Nations) Submission to the CLCS of Philippine on China's "9-dash line" ---->>> China's Response to Philippines' Note; Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan) reiterates its position on the South China Sea

- (Radio Australia News 21/4) Vietnam, China on path to settle South China Sea dispute

- (Taipei Times 22/4) Taiwan calls for mechanism to discuss disputed areas

- (IDSA 21/4) China's Aircraft Carrier: Some Observations

- (Manila Standard 20/4) Coast Guard tapped for Spratlys duties - PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino III

- (New Straits Times 19/4) Talks to resolve claims over Spratlys - A meeting between Malaysia's Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and China's Vice-Premier Li Keqiang

- (ABS-CBN 19/4) China accuses PH of ‘invasion’; (Manila Times 19/4) Defending the Philippines’ rights to the Reed Bank - The solution is for the Philippines to assert that the Reed Bank is not part of the Spratlys’ exclusive economic zone (EEZ) or continental shelf; China’s ‘Two No’s Policy’ on South China Sea disputes - "no multilateral negotiations and no “internationalization”; How we should deal with China’s U-Line - we must work to become everybody’s friend. And count on collective strength, within Asean to boost our ability to defend ourselves.

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