Weekly News 20/8 - 26/8

Thứ năm, 06 Tháng 9 2018 15:25

- (ASPI 23/8) China’s charm offensive in the SCS: As regional countries get caught up with the code of conduct negotiations, there’s a risk that Southeast Asia will lose sight of the broader picture in the SCS.

- (The Japan Times 22/8)Japan to send helicopter destroyer for rare long-term joint exercises in SCS and Indian Ocean: It will send three vessels — including its largest, the helicopter destroyer Kaga — for a more than monthlong tour set to begin Sunday and run through October.

19to-quoc-gan-ben_2(1).jpg- (PhilStar 22/8) China might bring 'nuclear element' to SCS, Pentagon warns: No permanent large-scale air or naval presence has been observed on China's outposts in the Spratly Island but it may soon be powered with a "nuclear element."

- (ABS-CBN 21/8) China proposes regular military exercises with ASEAN in SCS: The proposal is being floated by Beijing for possible inclusion in a draft code of conduct to avoid conflict in the disputed waters.

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