20 - 3 - 2018 | 16:27
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Weekly News 18/9-24/9

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-(FreeBacon 21/9) Beijing Adopts New Tactic for South China Sea Claims: 'Four Sha' island groups replace illegal 9-Dash Line.

-(The Diplomat 21/9) Chinese, Russian Navies Hold Exercises in Sea of Japan, Okhotsk Sea: The exercise is the second phase of the Joint Sea-2017 exercises.

-(CNBC 20/9) Beijing's military threats in South China Sea could hurt energy firms: Firms that ignore Chinese demands could face on-site harassment, de facto exclusion from the Chinese market and threats to company staff.

-(Janes 19/9) Vietnam’s third Gepard frigate departs Russia on voyage home: Platform will significantly improve the service’s anti-submarine warfare capabilities.

-(Reuters 19/9) Chinese, Vietnamese Communist parties have ‘shared destiny’ and there is great potential for bilateral economic cooperation, a senior Beijing official said.

-(SBS 19/9) Australia send war ships to SCS: Australia has defended the right of its navy to conduct joint exercises, as a fleet of ships sails north towards the South China Sea. 

-(New York Times 19/9) China, Singapore look to put difficulties behind them: The two countries sought to put recent difficulties in their relationship over Taiwan and the disputed South China Sea as Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong began a trip to Beijing.

-(Indian Times 19/9) Donald Trump decries threats to sovereignty in Ukraine, SCS: In addition, "we must uphold respect for law, respect for borders, and respect for culture, and the peaceful engagement these allow." 

South-China-Sea-440x314(6).jpg-(Nationmultimedia 18/9) A dangerous manoeuvre on South China Sea: The Pentagon on Friday said it was concerned about an “unsafe and unprofessional” encounter between two Chinese fighters and a US surveillance plane over the SCS.

-(Times of India 16/9) As US dithers, India-Japan reviewing South China Sea position? The two countries allowed a concession to Beijing by avoiding any explicit mention of SCS in the jount declaration.

-(Atimes 15/9) South China Sea disputes: the need for a code of conduct: The hope is that China’s response will not just remain as words in the sand but become a strong statement of fact to be governed in cooperation and development

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