Weekly News 11/9-17/9

Thứ ba, 12 Tháng 9 2017 15:37

-(AMTI 13/9) A blueprint for fisheries management and environmental cooperation in the South China Sea: A feasible model for claimants to manage the maritime disputes. 

-(VOA 12/9) South China Sea succumbing to pollution due to political mpasse: Academics are warning the South China Sea could face worsening environmental degradation over the next two decades.

-(Asia Society 12/9) Preserving the Long Peace in Asia: The Institutional Building Blocks of Long-Term Regional Security

-(The Diplomat 11/9) A FONOP Schedule in the South China Sea: What Next?How can regularized FONOPs benefit U.S. interests in the South China Sea?

1(5).jpg-(New York Times 10/9) Indonesia, long on sidelines, starts to confront China’s territorial claims as Indonesia recently — and quite publicly — renamed the northernmost waters of its EEZ in SCS.

-(The Diplomat 9/9) Finally, Strategic Clarity in the South China Sea. Is the Taiwan Strait Next? Routine FONOPS in the South China Sea are long overdue — as are Taiwan Strait passages.

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