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Weekly News 20/3-26/3

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-(AMTI 22/3) Raging Waters in Benham Rise: As the Benham Rise controversy begins to subside, the two governments may have learned that in the future, it would be best to tread very carefully in these raging waters.

-(RSIS 22/3) Indonesia-Australia Ties: Joint Patrols in the South China Sea? Notwithstanding the hype, it is in reality a distant prospect.

-(Small Wars Journal 22/3) Strengthening Ties with Vietnam As a "South China Sea Ally": In the past, a nation such as the Philippines would have been the ‘go-to’ choice. In the current construct, the U.S. could truly do no better than working with Vietnam.

-(WSJ 22/3) China Sinks Suggestion It Will Develop Disputed South China Sea Shoal: Beijing dismisses reports it will construct environmental-monitoring station on Scarborough Shoal.

-(ABS-CBN 20/3) Chinese's military dominance in S. China Sea complete - report: And other players cannot match its military supremacy in the region. –(VOA 22/3) ASEAN Looks to ‘Framework’ on South China Sea Security.

-(Channel NewsAsia 21/3) Vietnam seeks South Korean support in SCS: Vietnam's Prime Minister sought support for the nation's stance in the SCS when he met South Korea's foreign minister in Hanoi on Monday.

-(PhilStar 20/3) Blatant gaps seen in Duterte's SCS policy: There is a disparity between the policy gleaned from Duterte's rhetoric and that practiced by concerned executive departments.  –(Strait Times 20/3) Duterte's 'can't stop China' comment raises concern

-(Channel NewsAsia 20/3) Malaysia mulls naval upgrades amid IS threat, South China Sea standoff: Malaysia's navy aims to replace all 50 vessels in its aging fleet as the country cut its total defence budget by 12.7 percent to 15.1 billion (US$3.41 billion) this year.

-(VOA News 20/3) Japan is becoming in South China Sea sovereignty dispute, to curb Chinese expansion and garner support for its broader military as well as economic interests.

-(Reuters 19/3) Tillerson ends China trip with warm words from President Xi, reaching an agreement to work together with China on North Korea and putting aside trickier issues. –(The Washington Post 19/3) In China debut, Tillerson appears to hand Beijing a diplomatic victory

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