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Weekly News 24/10 - 30/10

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-(QZ 28/10) Beijing pushed the Philippines too far on the South China Sea with just two little words: It insisted any statement on fishermen returning to the area would say China would “allow” or “permit” them to be there.

-(Nationalinterest 28/10) What Does China Actually Want in the South China Sea? The South China Sea has a nationalist and identity value above and beyond material resources.

-(Businessinsider 28/10) No one knows what these hexagonal structures the Chinese keep building in the South China Sea are for. The formations are always oriented toward the sea and started to appear in May

-(AMTI 27/10) Of Claims And Freedoms: Diverging Perspectives on the South China Sea: Small powers largely see them as a clash of unilateral territorial and maritime claims over all or part of the semi-enclosed sea, whereas big powers frame them in a more strategic manner – a contest for control over a critical international waterway.

-(The  Jakartapost 27/10) Japan, Philippines reaffirm rule of law in South China Sea, Both also believed to have agreed to strengthen economic ties between their countries.


-(Policyforum 27/10) Tangled up in the blue of the South China Sea: Is Japan’s maritime strategy a diplomatic power play or a security-political impasse?

-(DW 26/10) Philippine President Duterte promises Japan support in South China Sea dispute: He also said the US has "lost it."

-(QZ 26/10) Long before he was elected president, Rodrigo Duterte let Beijing know the South China Sea was theirs:  “What I need from China is help to develop my country,” he said in an Interview in May.

-(Reuters 26/10) China to carry out more military drills in South China Sea: the latest exercises come less than a week after a U.S. navy destroyer sailed near the Paracel Islands, prompting a warning from Chinese warships to leave the area.

-(SCMP 26/10) Chinese firm that helped build islands in South China Sea wins contract with rival claimant the Philippines: The Chinese company will create land along an 8km stretch of coastline in Davao Bay.

-(Freebeacon 26/10) Defense Board: White House Blocked Navy From S. China Sea Warship Passages: China engaged in campaign to oust U.S.

-(Sputniknews 26/10) Waning Influence: Washington Losing Its Grip and Its Allies in Asia Pacific: Washington's influence in the Asia Pacific region is waning with its longstanding allies adopting a more independent foreign policy course and bolstering economic ties with China.

-(Newsmax 26/10) Revamp US Foreign Policy for S. China Sea Defense: The United States needs a real plan and a real foreign policy, which includes the reengagement of old allies while working with new ones.

-(Koreaherald 26/10) Beijing’s gas development in East China Sea violates trust with Japan: This means 12 of the 16 offshore facilities that China has constructed are now in operation.

-(Theaustralian 26/10) Indonesia pushes for code of conduct on South China Sea row: Indonesia will push for a maritime COC for the South China Sea and seek clarification from Manila over its apparent shift in policy toward talks with China on joint maritime exploration in the region

-(Morningledger 26/10) South China Sea News: PH Turns To Japan For Back Up? : Critics believe that Duterte is looking at Japan as a back up if ever the alliance with China turns sour due to the complexity of the territorial dispute over the South China Sea

-(GMAnetwork 26/10) Kerry to discuss South China Sea, regional trade with Vietnam: The U.S. is eager to reach an agreement with Vietnam regarding TPP before President Barack Obama leaves office; (ABCnews 26/10)

Kerry: US, Vietnam Committed to Rule of Law in S China Sea

-(Sputniknews 25/10) US Nuclear Submarine Columbia Docks in Japan Amid South China Sea Tensions to demonstrate stronger naval ties between Japan and the United States in the Asia-Pacific region

-(Lawfareblog 25/10) Vietnam, the UNCLOS Tribunal, and the Latest U.S. FONOP in the South China Sea: the apparent purpose of the U.S. FONOP was to challenge China’s “straight baselines” around the entire Paracel Islands group

-(Inquirer 26/10) Duterte unlikely to change stance on S. China Sea issues: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is likely to tread carefully over the South China Sea issue to avoid annoying Beijing during his Japanese trip, analysts said.

-(Thediplomat 25/10) Duterte: Settle South China Sea Dispute With a Little Help From Japan? The Philippine president’s talk of multilateralism over the South China Sea involving Japan will concern China.

-(Thediplomat  25/10) Japan Wants India to Speak Up on the South China Sea, But Will New Delhi Listen?

-(Firstpost 24/10) Japan wants India to speak on South China Sea dispute: How prudent is it for New Delhi? India’s stance on the dispute until now has somewhat been very vague.

-(Straitstimes 24/10) Asean's South China Sea conundrum: Asean's less-than-unified response on the South China Sea issue highlights how China has become the dalang or puppet master of states in the region.

-(Reuters 24/10) San Diego to South China Sea: U.S. Navy tested new command in latest challenge to China: It was the first time such a FONOP has been conducted without the Japan-based Seventh Fleet in command and was a test of changes aimed to allow the U.S. Navy to conduct maritime operations on two fronts in Asia at the same time.

-(Inquirer 24/10) Palace: South China Sea not on Duterte’s agenda in Japan visit: The main agenda will not be political but economic so if it’s (South China Sea issue) referred to, it will be on the sidelines.

-(NPR 24/10) Demanding Greater Respect From U.S., Philippines Looks To China: There's a growing sense among Filipinos that the decades-long relationship between the U.S. and its former colony is seriously one-sided — condescending, even. And it needs a reboot.

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