Weekly News 10/10-16/10

Thứ ba, 11 Tháng 10 2016 09:52

-(Reuters 12/10) China urges Australia to be 'cautious' on South China Sea, and that its words and actions on the matter match each other.

-(Inquirer 12/10) Duterte determined to stop joint patrols in South China Sea, despite Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonio Carpio’s reminder that the Constitution mandated the state to protect the country’s territorial waters and exclusive economic zone.

-(The American Interest 12/10) Aussie Labor Party Pushes Tougher Line on South China Sea, but the Liberals have started pushing back.

-(Financial Times 12/10) Beijing seeks new ways to assert South China Sea authority: Beijing could employ controversial measures to control the disputed airspace over the South China Sea.

 -(EU-China Observer Issue #2.16) The EU’s Stake in the South China Sea: The escalating situation in the South China Sea will cause a split between the members of ASEAN and the EU or will it be possible to overcome these disputes without the intervention of these two regional actors?

-(SCMP 11/10) Could China build the world’s smallest nuclear power plant and send it to the South China Sea? Nuclear plant under development could fit into a shipping container and make a small island economically viable.

-(The Diplomat 11/10) What Duterte Demonstrates About US Security Commitments Abroad: There is little reason why the U.S. government should accept cynical free-riding behavior on the part of so-called allies.

-(News.com.au 10/10) Why China really thinks it owns the South China Sea: It goes much deeper than just resources and financial gain.

-(Stratfor 10/10) Fourth-Quarter Forecast: East Asia. -(AP 10/10) Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea

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