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Weekly News 19/9-25/9

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 -(SCMP 21/08) China designates US’ first renminbi clearing bank: Premier Li Keqiang: The announcement came only two weeks before the yuan’s inclusion into the IMF’s international reserve asset, the Special Drawing Rights

-(Business-standard 21/08) Russia poses most dangerous threat, China second: US general: General John E Hayten said in his confirmation hearing to be the Commander of the Strategic Command.

-(Reuters 21/08) China's premier says U.S. ties will develop no matter who wins election: Li responded to complaints from foreign business leaders about restricted access to the Chinese market.

-(UPI 20/08) Report: Taiwan building anti-aircraft gun towers in South China Sea: The local press report included images from Google Maps of four new buildings, built in the shape of concrete tetrapod structures.

-(Atimes 20/08) China, Russia hold massive South China Sea war games: China counteracts the near total isolation it has incurred from regional states as a result of its maritime claims by using a regional show of force together with the Russian military.

-(Philstar 19/08) We need US for South China Sea – Duterte: “I never said get out of the Philippines. For after all, we need them in SCS,” Duterte added.

-(GSSR 19/08) Getting Compliance Right in the South China Sea: A long-term resolution requires both a well-coordinated multilateral approach and a willingness to gradually acclimate China to the new maritime legal reality.

-(News 19/08) Japan steps up activity in disputed South China Sea region; (Reuters 19/08) China says Japan trying to 'confuse' South China Sea situation

-(Defensenews 19/08) China’s Maritime Militia – Time to Call them Out?: The administration should “go on the record and document publically the reality, the nature and the approach of China's maritime militia.” Such an effort could “create a measure of deterrence, showing the US is wise to China's game.”

-(Morningledger 19/08) China & Russia Join Forces For Largest Naval War Games In South China Sea: Prior to the event, China warned Japan that participating in maritime military exercises with the US in the disputed waters would bring about consequences to Japan.

-(FT 19/08) America’s Pacific pivot is sinking: From South China Sea rivalry to an international trade agreement, the US policy is in trouble.

-(Taipeitimes 18/09) China-US confrontation inevitable: While China has sovereignty over the SCS and will defend it with all its power, the US is determined to challenge that assertion by exercising the right to freedom of navigation through Chinese-claimed SCS waters.

-(Philstar 18/09) Philippines eyes talks with China sans preconditions: Beijing has said it can only talk with Manila outside the framework of the ruling by the PCA in the Hague that declared as invalid China’s extensive claim in the South China Sea.

-(Worldbulletin 18/09) Japan to step up role in South China Sea: “Japan will increase its engagement in the SCS, such as, for example, joint training exercises with the U.S. and regional navies,” Japan’s new defense minister said. (Japantimes 18/09) Chinese state media blasts Japan over South China Sea ‘patrols,’ but experts see no change in policy

-(Washingtontimes 18/09) How China challenges the West: The quest for global domination begins with domination of the South China Sea.

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