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Weekly News 21/08 - 28/08

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-(Aspistrategist 24/08) Electronic warfare in the South China Sea: China’s radars on artificial islands might allow the PLA to conduct active jamming of other electronic sensors and radars in the region

-(Breakingdefense 23/08) Chinese Threaten Japan, Australia Over South China Sea; Time For US FON Ops?: “If Australia steps into the South China Sea waters, it will be an ideal target for China to warn and strike.” Global Times said.

-(Theguardian 23/08) Australia risks adopting a cold war mindset with China, warns Gareth Evans: Coalition government needs clear investment ground rules to safeguard Australia’s long-term strategic interests

-(Reuters 23/08) Philippines' Duterte says talks with China on sea dispute 'within the year', It was "better to continually engage China in a diplomatic dialogue rather than anger officials there", he said.

-(Janes 23/08) Japan plans to upgrade SAM system to defend disputed East China Sea islands

-(Nytimes 23/08) South China Sea as a Chinese Lake: As countries grow accustomed to deferring to Beijing’s claims, challenging them will feel increasingly like a dangerous provocation.

-(Japantoday 23/08) Japan considers building more ships to patrol areas around Senkakus. the Consideration came after Chinese government vessels sailed in Japanese territorial waters around the Senkakus on Aug. 8, 15.

-(News 22/08) Moscow joins Beijing in South China Sea military manouvres; -(Washingtonpost 22/08) China slams U.S.-South Korea military drills even as it stages naval war games of its own

-(WSJ 22/08) The Misnomer of the South China Sea: The name is a recent phenomenon that conveys a false sense of ownership; - (QZ 22/08) It is time to rename the South China Sea

-(Todayonline 22/08) Chinese social media users lash out at Singapore over S China Sea dispute: Weibo postings mock PM Lee’s brief fainting spell when delivering National Day Rally speech.

-(Japan Times 21/8) China called SDF dispatch to South China Sea ‘red line,’ hinted at military action if sent: Japan will “cross a red line” if SDF vessels take part in so-called freedom of navigation operations, China's Ambassador to Japan told an official.

-(Channel NewsAsia 21/8) Singapore must choose its own place to stand on South China Sea issue: Singapore must support and strive for a “rules-based international order” and depends on words and treaties.

-(National Interest 21/8) The only way to solve the South China Sea showdown: A cooperative management regime is the only solution to the problems of the South China Sea.

-(SCMP 21/8) Why the US policy on South China Sea only helps China: In these times of economic uncertainty, American muscle flexing helps the Chinese leadership rally popular support against an external adversary.

-(Strait Times 20/8) Duterte: Won't mention South China Sea at Asean meeting: Philippine leader says Manila is moving towards bilateral talks with Beijing

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