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Weekly News 08/08 - 14/08

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-(Sputnik News 12/8) Beijing Crosses Washington's 'Red Line' in South China Sea: The Chinese military appears to be dramatically increasing its presence around a key island in the South China Sea, sending a strong message to Washington.

-(National Interest 11/8) The Real South China Sea Danger: A Brewing Security Dilemma: There is a need for an evolution to a primarily non-military approach that recognizes the genuine complexity of international relations.

-(National Interest 10/8) Don't Count on ASEAN to Save the South China Sea: The United States needs to be realistic.

-(Indiatimes 09/08) India should not get 'entangled' in South China Sea dispute: Chinese media: China is campaigning against the issue to be raised in G20.

-(WSJ 09/08) China’s South China Sea Moves Draw Ire of U.S. Pacific Fleet Chief, a lack of transparency about China’s intentions meant some of its recent actions had added to tensions in the region, Adm. Swift said.

-(nationalinterest 09/08) How China Really Sees The South China Sea Ruling: China’s responses since the decision suggest that this will only eventuate if other states are prepared to impose tangible costs on Beijing for non-compliance.

-(CBC 09/08) Former Philippine president in Hong Kong to ease tensions over South China Sea: Ramos says he wants to focus on points of common interest with China such as tourism and commercial fishing as part of efforts to smooth relations with Beijing.

-(The Diplomat 09/08) East China Sea: Japan Spots Chinese Radar on Gas Exploration Platform: Does the radar suggest the creeping militarization of gas platforms in the East China Sea?-(Navytimes 08/08) U.S. Navy ship makes 1st China visit since South China Sea ruling: The Benfold held a signals exercise with the Chinese Navy. The visit aimed to "build relationships" with counterparts from the Chinese Navy.

-(Nytimes 08/08) New Photos Cast Doubt on China’s Vow Not to Militarize Disputed Islands: a summary of the center’s analysis suggests that the hangars on all three islets have room for “any fighter-jet in the PLA Air Force.”

-(News 08/08) Belligerent Beijing: Combat air patrols over South China Sea, escorted fishing fleet in the East China Sea; -(Reuters 08/08) Japan warns China of worsening ties over East China Sea dispute.; -(DW 08/08) Tensions rise over East China Sea dispute

-(The Daily Beast 08/08) China Launches a Stealth Invasion in the South China Sea: Beijing isn’t fighting for control of disputed waters with missiles and drones—it’s using Chinese coast guard and fisherman instead.

-(Reuters 08/08) Japan's Suga: Will keep urging China not to escalate situation in East China Sea; -(Ibtimes 08/08) Japan intensifies patrol in East China Sea after record 13 coast guard ships of Beijing spotted

-(Huffingtonpost 08/08) Karaoke Diplomacy: Can Ramos Restore Philippine-China Relations? Ramos is set to visit China in order to restart high-level negotiations, hoping to restore a level of normality in one of Asia’s most toxic bilateral relations.

-(The Independent 07/08) China warns PM Lee over South China Sea; -(Todayonline 07/08) China asks Singapore to respect its position on South China Sea tribunal ruling

- (Theguardian 07/08) Japan protests over Chinese radar in disputed East China Sea drilling rig: Tokyo fears the radar could be a sign China intends to use gas exploration platforms in the waters as military stations.

-(WSJ 07/08) Beijing Flies Bombers Over Disputed South China Sea: Development comes as former Philippine leader heads to China for talks on resolving maritime dispute; -(NYdailynews 07/08) China announces air patrols over disputed areas of South China Sea;

-(Indiatimes 07/08) China should accept PCA ruling on South China Sea: China can earn the respect of its neighbours by being magnanimous, accept the ruling and engage with its ASEAN neighbours.



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