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Weekly News 18/7-24/7

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-(Reuters 20/7) U.S. says its forces will keep operating in South China Sea, in order to protect the rights, freedoms and lawful uses of sea and airspace guaranteed to all. -(Business Insider 20/7) Chinese nationalists are taking their anger out on anything American they can touch

-(USNI 20/7) Analysis: What’s Next for Manila Following South China Sea Ruling? The courses of actions are scant if any, and freedom to maneuver severely curtailed.

-(The Diplomat 20/7)  International Law Won't Stop China in the South China Sea: Countering power with rules is doomed to fail in the South China Sea.

-(Financial Times 19/7) Top Beijing diplomat hits at US over South China Sea tribunal: Washington accused of using legal process as well as warships to challenge Beijing.

-(The Wall Street Journal 19/7) South China Sea Court Ruling Puts Fish Rivalry Into Spotlight: Invalidation of China’s territorial claims is expected to spark a fishing frenzy and an eventual compromise. The Wisdom of The Hague’s South China Sea Decision

-(Lawfare Blog 19/7) U.S. Response to the South China Sea Arbitration: The Limits of the Diplomatic “Shamefare” Option.

-(The New York Times 19/7) China Criticizes Street Protests Over Arbitration Ruling: The official China Daily said such actions interfered with legitimate business and humiliate customers by accusing them of being unpatriotic. KFC Targeted in Protests Over South China Sea

-(Channel NewsAsia 18/7) Beijing to hold South China Sea war games after ruling: The area of sea identified is some distance from the Paracel islands and even further from the Spratlys. -(PhilStar 18/7) EU calls for peaceful means in resolving South China Sea dispute

-(Reuters 18/7) Freedom of navigation patrols may end 'in disaster': Chinese admiral: A warning to the United States after last week's ruling against Beijing's claims in the area.

-(USNI 18/7) Can China Enforce a South China Sea Air-Defense Identification Zone? Should China declare a South China Sea ADIZ, it is well on its way to being able to properly police and enforce it.

-(Courant 18/7) Do Republicans Care About Crisis In The South China Sea? U.S. must keep China from asserting control of the South China Sea.

-(PhilStar 18/7) Asia-Europe summit omits mention of South China Sea: They stressed the importance of freedom of navigation and “full compliance with international law,” but did not specifically mention the SCS in their statement.

-(The West Australian 18/7) Australia warned to stay out of SCS row: Australia’s relationship with Beijing will suffer if the Turnbull Government orders the military to join the US FONOP in the South China Sea

-(NPR 17/7) In South China Sea Dispute, Filipinos Say U.S. Credibility Is On The Line: the Scarborough Shoal would be a tipping point for the U.S. and Japan, given how the situation has radically changed

-(The Wall Street Journal 17/7) How the Philippines Can Enforce the South China Sea Verdict: there is no world police, but the Philippines is not helpless.

-(National Interest 16/7) SCS after the Tribunal Ruling: Where Do We Go From Here? With the PCA findings, the U.S. should help Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Vietnam devise a common approach among themselves.

-(East Asia Forum 16/7) How should Southeast Asia respond to the South China Sea ruling? Having demonstrated unity in restraint, regional states can then hope to persuade China and other players to sign up.

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