27 - 5 - 2018 | 6:25
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Weekly News 12/3-18/3

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-(Businessweek 16/3) Vietnam Says Cnooc’s South China Sea Bids Violate Territory: Cnooc Ltd. (883)’s moves to develop oil- and gas-rich northern areas of the South China Sea violates Vietnam’s sovereignty, the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry said; (Wsj 16/3) Vietnam Protests Cnooc's Plans in Disputed South China Sea

-(Nytimes 15/3) Six Monks vs. One Warship: Asia has seen varying displays of hard power and soft power in recent days; Party Ousts Chinese Regional Chief, Halting His Rise

-(Channelnewsasia 15/3) Pacific big enough for all of us, says China: The Chinese ambassador to the Philippines on Wednesday moved to calm growing fears of armed confrontation in the Pacific

-(Taipeitimes 14/3) Taipei reminds Manila of its South China Sea claim: The remarks came in response to continued actions by Manila to conduct a bid for the oil and gas exploration in the Reed Bank, part of the contested Spratly Islands; (The-diplomat 14/3) Vietnam Engages the World

-(Nytimes 14/3) Wen Calls for Political Reform but Sidesteps Details: Warning that the nation risked a return to the chaos of the Cultural Revolution unless the governing Communist Party overhauled its leadership structure and cleared the way for economic reform; (FT 14/3) Splits surface in China leadership fight

-(FT 12/3) China’s past needs to be rewritten: The Chinese themselves should start to examine the history of their own country in the 20th century in a more honest and open fashion.

-(Thejakartapost 12/3) Chinese military spending a concern: China may be reacting to the increasing US military presence in Asia-Pacific region.

-(The-diplomat 12/3) How China Can Prevent Collapse: Political reform is necessary for China.

-(BBC 12/3) Vietnam to send Buddhist monks to Spratly Islands: The monks' delegation is being organised by the local authorities in the southern province of Khanh Hoa

-(Indiatimes 11/3) How India compares with China in military prowess: China's increased military spending, by 11% this year and 12.7% last year, is matched by its growing assertiveness in pressing territorial claims


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