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Weekly News 5/3-11/3

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-(Economist 9/3) Having it both ways: If China follows UNCLOS in this area of the sea, can it ignore it in areas where it has no such claim, just its nine-dashed assertive line?

-(WP 8/3) China testing cyber-attack capabilities, report says: For a decade or more, Chinese military officials have talked about conducting warfare in cyberspace, but in recent years they have progressed to testing attack capabilities during exercises.

-(Nytimes 8/3) Cast of Characters Grows, as Does the Intrigue, in a Chinese Political Scandal: Bo Xilai, the Communist Party secretary in China's Chongqing municipality, has seen his political fortunes dim amid a corruption scandal involving a number of officials in Chongqing; (WSJ 8/3) Amid Intrigue, Chinese Party Chief Speaks Out

-(The-diplomat 8/3) America’s Pacific Air-Sea Battle Vision: The U.S. must stop taking an “instant pudding” view of military planning. The Air-Sea Battle plan is the best hope to ensure security in the Pacific.

-(IISS 7/3) The Military Balance 2012: Asia's defence spending is set to exceed Europe's this year, for the first time in modern history

-(Foreignaffairs 7/3) The Challenge for China's New Leaders: The Dangers of Allowing Inequality to Worsen

-(Wsj 7/3) General Calls for New Coast Guard to Patrol South China Sea: And China should establish a new administrative zone encompassing much of the South China Sea.

-(Washingtonpost 7/3) US, Philippine troops to hold combat, disaster drills near disputed South China Sea areas: This year’s drills will be held April 16-27 mainly in Palawan, which faces the South China Sea and lies about 510 miles southwest of Manila; (Abcnews 7/3) US, Philippine Drills Planned Near Disputed Areas

-(Businessmirror 7/3) China will not go to war over Spratlys’: But how far can Beijing really go just to enforce its so-called sovereign rights? Will it go into war just to occupy the oil and mineral resources-rich islands on the South China Sea? (State 7/3) Remarks by Secretary Clinton: March 2012

-(Indiatimes 7/3) India keen on expanding oil, gas explorations in Vietnam: Keen on expanding oil and gas explorations in Vietnam's East Sea, energy-hungry India today said it will be a "win-win" situation for both the economies.

-(Cnn 6/3) China urges the U.S. to tread carefully on 'core interests' in order to build trust and avoid conflicts; (Chinadaily 6/3) China urges US to handle core issues properly

-(Inquirer 6/3) Philippines urges responsible use of power by China: Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario said “we are relying on China to fully utilize its vast global influence in a more responsible way”; China urges US to respect its interests in Asia

-(Straitstimes 6/3) China must increase ability to win 'local wars': Wen As Beijing grows increasingly assertive about its territorial claims in Asia; (Smh 6/3) Chinese leader signals change of focus

-(FP 6/3) China's Top Party School: At Beijing's Central Party School, it's a lot more Communist platforms than keg stands.

-(People 6/3) Coast guard needed for maritime disputes: China should set up a coast guard to cope with the "increasingly challenging" maritime disputes with neighboring countries, a top political adviser said on Monday.

-(Japantimes 5/3) SDF to join U.S.-Filipino military drill: From the end of this month to April, Japanese and Filipino diplomatic sources said Saturday.

-(The-diplomat 5/3) Vietnam Eyes Middle Powers: The first Australia-Vietnam Joint Foreign Affairs Defense Strategic Dialogue, held in Canberra late last month.

-(The-diplomat 5/3) Clarification of China’s Claim? Ambiguity about the extent of China’s maritime claims in the South China Sea has been a key source of concern in this dispute.

-(Reuters 4/3) China boosts defense budget 11 percent after U.S. "pivot": The increase announced by parliament spokesman Li Zhaoxing will bring official outlays on the People's Liberation Army (PLA) to 670.3 billion yuan for 2012.

-(FT 4/3) Chinese infighting: Secrets of a succession war: The tale of a billionaire allegedly tortured in a crime crackdown offers a rare glimpse into infighting among the political elite.

-(Eastasiaforum 3/3) Rising tensions in the South China Sea: Tensions continue to rise in the South China Sea following the Obama administration’s foreign policy ‘pivot’ toward Asia late last year.

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