27 - 5 - 2018 | 6:28
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Weekly News 30/1 – 5/2

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-(The-diplomat 4/2) Beijing’s South China Sea Gamble: If China is right, then there is enough oil under the South China Sea to feed global consumption for several years. But Beijing may be making an aggressive bet on the wrong horse

-(Scmp 4/2) A tale of two unequal treaties: The Philippines' recent talks with US officials were aimed at securing a firm defence commitment, which has been reaffirmed to Japan, but still eludes Manila

-(Inquirer 31/1) Philippines seeks peace with China anew: Foreign Secretary Albert del Rosario has urged Beijing anew to fully concur with Manila’s stated position on the East Sea issue; (Manilatimes 31/1) Philippines’ good ties with China to stay

-(Stratfor 30/1) The Philippines Weighs an Increased U.S. Military Presence: The biggest threats to the Philippines' security have long been internal, Manila has some of the weakest external defense capabilities in Southeast Asia; (Wsws 30/1) US tightens the military noose around China

-(Bworldonline 30/1) China responds to reports of rise in US army presence: China’s foreign ministry said it has “taken note of the report and urges relevant parties to do more to help maintain regional peace and stability.”

-(Philstar 30/1) China: Asia needs peace, stability: China called for greater efforts toward “peace and stability” in the region yesterday after the Philippines offered to allow more US troops on its territory.

-(Asiaone 30/1) Philippines sends 'wrong signals' by allowing more US troops: the decision will cause more tension in the South China Sea

-(Manilastandardtoday 30/1) Reed Bank oil hunt widened: Forum Energy Plc, a London-based oil and gas company, is looking at new oil and gas prospects not far from the disputed Spratly group of islands in the South China Sea.

-(Globaltimes 29/1) Make Philippines pay for balancing act: The Philippines is a suitable target to impose such a punishment. A reasonable yet powerful enough sanction can be considered; -( Abs-cbnnews 29/1) China should punish PH over US offer

-(Thecambodiaherald 29/1) South China Sea at a glance: As Cambodia chairs Asean, South China sea becomes a thorn in the eyes of the Southeast Asian country

-(Thejakartapost 28/1) Philippines to beef up security in disputed islands in the South China Sea: The Philippine Coast Guard is beefing up security in the disputed waters around the country by deploying three vessels to conduct round-the-clock monitoring and security.

-(Globalresearch 27/1) THREATENING CHINA: U.S. to expand military presence in the Philippines: The South China Sea and key waterways such as the Strait of Malacca are central to Washington’s ambitions to control China’s shipping lanes for energy and raw materials from Africa and the Middle East

-( Washingtonpost 26/1) Philippines may allow greater U.S. military presence in reaction to China’s rise: Instead of trying to establish giant bases reminiscent of the Cold War, however, Pentagon officials said they want to maintain a light footprint.

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