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Weekly News 26/12 - 2/1

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- (India Today 29/12) China's aggreession brings India-Japan closer:

- (Foreign Policy 29/12How did the Obama Administration impact Asia?

- (Radiance Weekly 29/12SOUTH CHINA SEA TURMOIL \'Cold War\' heats-up as Obama declares to assert against China: In the light of US president Barack Obama’s bid to assert against China, SYYED MANSOOR AGHA observes that China’s present attitude towards its small neighbours is bound to give excuse to external forces to meddle in the region.

- (Economic Times 29/12) China's first aircraft carrier undergoing scientific tests:  China's first aircraft carrier, which expected to be ready early next year, is undergoing scientific tests after completing two rounds of sea trials

- (Open News 29/12The U.S. Muscles its Way into China's Backyard; Misguided, Dangerous Hubris

- (Eurasia Review 29/12Xi Jinping In Vietnam: Attempts At Reconciliation? – Analysis: What does China and Vietnam expect out of this high level visit? Is China trying to mend ways with Vietnam? If so, will Vietnam respond positively?

- (Epoch Times 29/122011 & Beyond: China & Asia-Pacific: Tensions and the prospect of military action in the South China Sea are likely to increase in 2012; (Forbes 29/12) What's Most Surprised Me in 2011: The Obama administration’s tough foreign policy in many of the world’s hot spots. From the South China Sea, to the drone air-war campaigns and “carrier diplomacy” elsewhere, to the sub-rosa jousts at Iran and the open incitement of rebellion against Assad, this White House belies the softy image the Republican hawks keep trying to hang on it.

- (Sundaily 27/12Turbulence in the South China Sea

- (WSWS 27/12US-China military talks fail to resolve tensions: The annual China-US defence consultative talks (DCT) held in Beijing on December 7 highlighted the tensions between the two countries generated by the Obama administration’s aggressive efforts to undercut Beijing’s influence in the Asia-Pacific region.

- (WSJ 27/12Seoul Beefs Up Steps to Fight Illegal FishingSouth Korea on Monday said it will bolster efforts to counter illegal Chinese fishing in its waters, including issuing more firearms to coast guard officers and raising penalties against offenders.

- (WSJ 28/12Beijing Launches Its Own GPS Rival: according to defense experts, could help the Chinese military to identify, track and strike U.S. ships in the region in the event of armed conflict.

- (Front Times 27/12) India and China: Troubled equations: The postponement of the latest round of India-China border talks does not mean that all is not well with the bilateral relat.

- (Gulf News 28/12New regional order in Asia is reaction to Chinese hegemony: India, Japan and the US build a strategic relationship and other Asian countries band together to counter heavyweight Beijing.

- (Diplomat 27/12The Philippines’ Navy Challenge

- (The Nation 26/12China leads new security scheme on upper Mekong: From now on, China will be the major partner in providing security along the region's longest river - the mighty Mekong River; Mind the elephants' feet: An engaging look at Burma's relations with India and China and what happens next.

- (Inquirer 25/12Navy deploys warship to Palawan waters: the Philippines' biggest and most modern warship to date, the BRP Gregorio Del Pilar (PF15) will provide security to the Malampaya natural gas-to-power project off Palawan.

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