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Weekly News 22/11 - 29/11

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- (The Australian 27/11) China learns to deploy its soft power- far from being the new master of the universe, China is misunderstood by other nations and misunderstands them. It is burdened by nationalism, and needs space and time to develop into a team player - Wang Yuzhu, a top international affairs expert in Beijing.

- (Ground Report 27/11) Global War in the China Sea - Regular wars are about land and resources; world wars are fought over the sea; (TheStar 27/11) Wars and rumours of wars - NORTH Korea's deadly artillery strike on South Korea's Yeonpyeong island earlier this week is a reminder that there are still forces in the world that could throw up an unpredictable risk to the global economic recovery.

- (CNN 26/11) Islands, crabs and skirmishes: the Koreas' maritime mishaps - Across the seas and oceans of Asia, islands and the waters around them are frequently a source of dispute and even military confrontation

- (The Jarkata Post 25/11) China ‘softens’ S. China Sea stance - ASEAN and China will meet in Kunming, China, next month to discuss code of conduct on maritime security cooperation, a move that experts say shows softer diplomacy by China.

- (RiaNovosti 25/11) Left at the Crossroads: Asian ambiguities and the new Great Game - China is no more the gentle giant. The sweet mandarin warble of “mulin, anlin, fulin” -which could be translated as “be friendly, make them feel secure and help make them rich”- has been replaced by the bellicose growling of a regional bully.

- (SCMP 24/11) High stakes - Focus on sovereignty claims blocks resolution to South China Sea disputes

- (Bloomberg 24/11) Cnooc, BP in South China Sea Production Sharing Talks

- (The Telegraph 24/11) China is treading on dangerous ground

- (The Diplomat 24/11) An Assertive China the ‘New Normal’? - Recent tensions between China and the West are likely a sign of things to come. Western policymakers will have to get used to it.

- (ABC News 23/11) White House Official: China Needs to Do More, US-South Korea Joint Military Exercises Possible in Coming Days

- (Newsweek 22/11) Militarized States - The rising power of generals within the governments of Asia is fueling the regionwide arms race.

-(U.S. Department of Defense 22/11) Flournoy Reinforces U.S. Commitment to Asia, Pacific - The United States is a Pacific power and will remain committed to security and stability in Asia, Michele Flournoy, the undersecretary of defense for policy, said.

-(Bloomberg 22/11) Japan Deployment Near Isles Might Worsen Frayed China Relations

-(ISN 22/11) Japanese Defense Policy – Stepping It Up or Status Quo?Onlookers are pondering whether a December review of Japan’s defense and security policy will result in a ‘big bang’ of change or business as usual.


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