15 - 4 - 2021 | 12:14
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Weekly News 6/5 - 12/5

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-(VNExpress 5/5) Vietnam rejects China's fishing ban in SCS: The foreign ministry has condemned China for violating Vietnam's sovereignty by imposing a unilateral fishing ban in the South China Sea.

-(Strait Times 4/5) Philippine court orders government to protect SCS: This was prompted by a petition filed by environmental activists and fishermen alleging the Philippine government has failed to act against Chinese incursions and destructive activities in three areas in SCS.

-(Stratfor 3/5) China and America: Headed for a Showdown in the South China Sea? By threatening a naval response, the United States is now essentially adopting a perception of China's maritime militia and coast guard as de facto instruments of the state.

alt-(Breibart 3/5) Pentagon: China Expanding Military Reach from South China Sea to Arctic Circle: China has also aggressively used technology theft to rapidly modernize its military forces.

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