Weekly News 17/9 - 23/9

Wednesday, 19 September 2018 08:12

-(New York Times 18/9) With a Submarine, Japan Sends a Message in the South China Sea: “We are sending a signal that China cannot just do whatever it wants to do and get away with it.”

-(Asia Times 18/9) For first time, a Japanese sub takes part in South China Sea drills: Anti-submarine warfare exercises included helicopter carrier, two destroyers.

alt-(East Asia Forum 18/9) Duterte’s China policy isn’t paying off: On 15 August, President Duterte openly criticised China for its island-building activities and called on it to temper its behaviour in the South China Sea.

-(Japan Times 17/9) China expands its control in South China Sea: The South China Sea has become central to the wider geopolitics, balance of power and maritime order.

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