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Thursday, 09 August 2018 08:15 vuquangtiep

-(ABS-CBN 8/8) Singapore asserts rule of law to calm SCS tensions, saying even parties without claims to the waters are affected when tensions escalate.

-(The Australian 7/8) China ‘moves to limit US influence’ in SCS code negotiations: The draft reportedly includes a proposed clause from China that countries should not hold joint military exercises with countries from outside the region.

alt-(National Interest 6/8) China is Waging a Maritime Insurgency in the South China Sea. It's Time for the United States to Counter It.

-(Business Insider 6/8) Beijing's response to Japan's new destroyer shows its authoritarian endgame in the SCS: The new destroyer isn't a radical departure from Japan's old ones and will spend most of its time training with and visiting neighboring militaries.

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