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Tuesday, 26 June 2018 09:38 vuquangtiep

-(ABC News 26/6) Australia new Air Force spy drones to monitor SCS, fleet of six planes to cost $7 billion: Spy planes can stay in the air for more than a day and will be used to hunt enemy submarines and carry out surveillance flights.

-(SCMP 25/6) Japan to help develop Indonesian islands in SCS: Tokyo says it will spend millions of dollars on fishery facilities in a remote island chain

alt-(CNBC 25/6) Beyond the South China Sea: The Pacific Ocean and Mekong River are two waterways that may be Beijing's next areas of focus, according to experts.

-(National Interests 23/6) SCSDrama: One Nation Is Building Up Its Military Because of It (Not China): As tensions escalate over which nations should control the South China Sea, Malaysia is embarking on a military buildup.

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