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Weekly News 30/4 - 6/5

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-(The Guardian 3/5) China deploys cruise missiles on South China Sea outposts: Missiles could targets ships and aircraft, according to CNBC, and mark another step in the militarisation of the disputed islands.

-(The Diplomat 2/5) Now is Not the Time to Back Down in the SCS: Realpolitik cannot triumph over Moralpolitik.

-(National Interest 30/4)  China's 'New' Map Aims to Extend South China Sea Claims: If Beijing moves to back the academics’ assertions, it could inflame already boiling tensions with smaller Southeast Asian claimants.

-(Stratfor 30/4) What Beijing is Building in the South China Sea: As Beijing continues to build up its capabilities across the South China Sea, tools like electronic warfare equipment will make the country better positioned to continue asserting its territorial claims in the region.

alt-(The Diplomat 30/4) Consensus by Deletion: Reviewing the 32nd ASEAN Leaders' Summit and the SCS: A close look at the recent summit’s chairman’s statement shows the grouping’s continued subdued treatment of the SCSdisputes.

(CNN 28/4) ASEAN: Recent militarization in SCS 'erodes trust, confidence'

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