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Weekly News 19/2 - 25/2

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-(The Interpreter 22/2) “Global Britain” on the line in the South China Sea: If the UK is to influence the calculations of China and other actors in the Indo-Pacific region, it requires a sustained and regular presence, not a PR stunt intended for audiences at home.

-(The Diplomat 20/2) Duterte: China's South China Sea Installations Aimed at the United States, Not the Philippines: The Philippine president made clear that he does not view China’s South China Sea installations as a direct threat.

-(Real Clear Defenses) South China Sea: Beijing Raises the Temperature Again: China’s ongoing maritime activity around Thitu is worrisome in its own right because it is coercive in nature.

alt-(Lawfareblog 20/2) U.S. FONOP Continues to Ripple Through South China Sea Dispute

-(SCMP 19/2) China’s rising challenge to US raises risk of SCS conflict, Philippines warns: Manila’s top envoy says contested waters are not yet ‘a Chinese lake’ but balance of power shifting as Beijing extends its reach.

-(The National Interest 18/2) Are China's South China Sea Bases Pointless? The islands of the SCS have some military relevance, but are more important as a political claim to waterways and undersea resources.

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