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Home Database Manila Conference on the South China, 5-6/7/201
Manila Conference on the South China, 5-6/7/201

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NGUYEN Thi Thanh Ha - NGUYEN DANG Thang, The Code of Conduct in the South China Sea: The International Law Perspective

This paper is an attempt to offer some thoughts on how a  COC can be conceptualised from the perspective of international law  the discipline that both  authors are most familiar with. This paper is composed of three parts. In the first part, we review  briefly the recent tensions in the SCS with a view  to demonstrating the fundamental flaws in the present DOC text. We will then offer some reflections upon what COC should address in the context of the SCS before concluding with some further thoughts about the way forward.


This paper analyses the causes for raising recent  tensions in the South China Sea; China’s actions and intentions here; assesses US involvement, and the offers some ways to prevent an escalation of the tension


This paper analyses China’s intent and recent acts in the South China Sea, then offers some approaches to resolve the issue.


Hasjim Djalal, MA, Various Lessons Learned from various Conflicts and Potential Conflicts Management in Southeast Asia

This paper deals with some of these lessons learned in the management of potential conflicts, that may also be useful to other regions.   Some of these lessons maybe repetitious, but that may indicate its relevance in dealing with the management of conflict or potential conflicts.


This paper highlights the importance of the South China Sea on economic and political aspects; current context, especially defense in the South China Sea disputes; the conflicts between China and claimant states. Then the paper proposes the ways for cooperation to solve the issue

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South China Sea Studies

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